Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Pomeranians History and "Uglies"

The Pomeranisn breed descended from the much larger sled hauling dogs of Artic countries of Iceland and Lapland. When the first one was bought to England, they were larger ( up to 30 lbs. ) The Queen's beautiful Poms encouraged an upsurge of interest thoughout England in the "Spitz dogs", as they were called. British breeders systematially bred the Pom for smaller and smaller size, and more and more coat.

They are clean and easy to train and make wonderful pets. Their double coats come in a variety of colors. Despite their size, the breed retains the spitz personality. They are somewhat of busybody, being ultra inquisitive and self important. The breed are "full of itself" and likes nothing better than to "strut its stuff" in a show ring or on a neighborhood walk. They make wonderful playmate for children and ideal companions for adults and the elderly as well.

The "Uglies" is a stage in where the Pomeranian Puppy growth, that produces the loss of hair at about 3 months of age ,(3 months up to 8 or 9months of age). I think that "Ugly" stage is pretty and funny look to these dogs, but if you are not expecting it, you may think that your Pom-Puppy has either a horrible disease or someting worst. All Pom-Puppies look beauitful at 8 weeks of age but when they start to shed their beauitful coat, and then they start to look stingy and ugly...This is when they are going through the asolescent stage, changing from puppyhood to adults.
So do not worry if your puppy does not have a full coat between these stages, it's normal for this to happen! And you want it to happen! They end up beauitful and it is worth it.